NEXX Helmets is proud to be one of the last standing European manufacturers, producing 100% in Portugal.

But why choose to maintain manufacture in the EU in such a competitive market with higher labor & social costs, bearing the peaks and troughs of demand?

The answer is simple ? we believe in having all our knowledge concentrated; this not only allows us to maintain our unique philosophy but also, as we develop and produce our helmets, we know them inside out and we can support and improve them better than anyone else. Plus, doing everything in-house allows us more flexibility while providing a higher level of Customization and Service.

Our advanced manufacturing facilities, replete with robots, lasers, and other ultramodern machine technologies are combined with highly experienced researchers, designers, engineers and the hands of skilled craftsmen.

NEXX strict quality control guidelines go through all the stages of production: every helmet has more than 50 control steps which give it an unrivalled pedigree.

Since its birth over 13 years ago, NEXX Helmets has maintained its commitment to Safety, Design and Innovation and has taken the message around the world.

This dedication makes NEXX a world standard.