By embracing and internalizing safe design, our engineers and designers can use it to their advantage as a new strategy and source for innovation

NEXX Helmets innovations intend to be problem-solving, embracing different kinds of thought and knowledge – art, science and technology - in order to provide the best/safe riding experience.




All NEXX shields are made of incredibly strong special polycarbonate, produced by an injection molding process, which guarantees clear and distortion-free vision. The visors protect the rider from wind, dirt, insects, small stones and UV radiation. Furthermore, its coating prevents scratches and let water drain off more easily.

That is why most NEXX Helmets, including ¾ shell helmets and half helmets are equipped with shields. Aerodynamically advanced, the 3D shapes of the visors smoothly follow the curves of the outer shell, excelling optical properties.

Specially used in Full-Face and Maxijet models, the “demist locks” prevent fogging of the visors, effectively optimized by the use of the optional Pinlock inner shields.

Most NEXX systems allow the shield to be changed quickly and easily without needing any tools



NEXX Helmets offer the widest peripheral vision in the business, a key factor, either you’re in daily traffic or striving for the faster lap times on track. A wider eye port reduces rider’s risk of crashing by detecting the presence of vehicles and objects and by decreasing the head rotations. At the same time, much better peripheral vision offers an increased feeling of openness inside the helmet, a sense of freedom.

By reducing the blind spots, our ultimate vision fields are well above the standard values



Noise levels inside a motorcycle helmet are an imposing study field for us. Daily noise exposures of working motorcyclists may regularly exceed 90 dB(A). The wind noise can be reduced by two ways: optimizing aerodynamics and shell design/padding. To reach the best comfortable and quiet helmet the solution lies on the right balance between these two approaches. Naturally, a helmet without ventilations, with very tight and non-removable inner lining, with thicker shell, may reduce the noise levels but this will always affect safety and comfort.

We strive to reach new solutions to overcome these losses in both end, presenting simpl yet never thought solutions



 NEXX has developed a unique ventilation system: a dual EPS Liner that contemplates an innovative air chamber between them: this allows a truly breathable helmet, with optimum exchange of warm, humid air with incoming cold, fresh air.

In interaction, strategically placed holes on the padding help to conduct and distribute the incoming fresh air and control inner temperature. At the same time, the intake and exhaust ports increase airflow efficiency and reduce wind turbulence.



 Two facts: the helmet shell is the heaviest part of a helmet; a lighter helmet will always be more comfortable.

The beginning of each NEXX helmet is the ergonomically shaped outer shell, completely handmade by dedicated craftsmen out of super strong fibers and composites blended in different constructions.

The Tri-Composite (Fiberglass, Carbon and Kevlar) is an innovative combination of materials that provides an extra level of resistance to impact and shock absorption, reducing at the same time, the helmet weight.

The Carbon fiber- this extremely stiff and light outer shell is composed by several carefully applied layers of premium carbon fiber. These are the strongest outer shells you can get and extremely lightweight.




 The CCP is a unique and innovative system on the market that disperses the energy of impact away from the chin and through the shell. This energy dispersal system uses a combination of rubberized materials and a mechanism which separates itself from the helmet at a pre-determinate level of impact.




The inner lining is the layer of the helmet that is in direct contact with your head and skin and preponderant for your comfort levels.

A good lining should be comfortable, ideally made of anti-sweat and anti-allergic fabrics.
Almost all NEXX Helmets feature a complete or partially removable inner lining, with anti-allergenic and anti-sweat properties. These characteristics prolong the interior of the helmet and offer a better hygiene.

Different size thicknesses are available to fit all sizes.



 COOLMAX® fabric is the performance fabric that includes an effective fiber-based moisture management system. The system can move perspiration away from the body, and through the fabric, where it can evaporate quickly, allowing the rider to feel cooler and more comfortable during short and long rides



 A correct fit of the helmet is crucial to reduce stress on the neck. The Ergo Padding System is an exclusive solution from NEXX Helmets that consists in a foam replacement kit that allows the rider to personalize helmet fit according to his head shape. This kit allows the rider to anatomically-shape his fit for a better wearing comfort: as simple as functional.


 The Ergo Padding System is also available for kids, turning the helmet adaptable to Kids growth: by adding or removing little foam pieces with different densities the helmet can be adjusted from size 54 until the size 48.




Despite our unique designs, in NEXX helmets, safety and functionality play the dominant role.

In order to ensure the safety of our costumers all NEXX helmets are submitted to rigorous tests fulfilling the European quality standards (ECE 22-05), certified by the most respected laboratory (IBSR, Belgium) ; They are also DOT and NBR-7471:2001 homologated.




Along the Laboratory safety tests, intensive test rides are performed to improve the comfort levels in all types of conditions, roads and weather.

Track & Road




Racing offers extreme conditions because of the very high speeds.

The guidance of motorcycle racing’s experienced professionals, help us to transport solutions from track to day-to-day roads.

The result is the pursuit for the highest levels of protection, comfort, superb ergonomics and ideal ventilation, available for you.